About the Utility Technology Association

The Utility Technology Association (UTA) was originally formed back in 1981 as UDPO (Utility Data Processing Organization). In 2002, the name was changed to better reflect this organization and the direction it was headed in the ever-changing world of Information Technology. We meet annually during the Fall.

UTA is a technology support group looking for new and innovative ideas to ensure strength and growth in the utility business world. Through this group we look to accomplish the following:

  • Provide an intellectual venue for persons associated with Information Technology to explore both issues and solutions to topics of relevance for utilities in the South Eastern US.
  • Provide a physical location for this venue that will facilitate the attendees as well as special guests and their instructional aids.
  • Provide an environment whereby members can network with each other in both professional and social settings.

We discuss such topics as network administration & security, disaster recovery, website design and development, information compliance, network and internet security, telecommunications, customer information systems, meter reading technologies, wireless communication, GIS solutions, mobile data, TVA regulations and changes, outsourcing, and any new technology on the horizon.

We welcome anyone to this informative group who has technology related knowledge or services to offer, or to those who can benefit from this kind of information.

UTA Bylaws